I'm Patrick Casale...

…and I help therapists confidently leave their agency jobs to start their dream private practices.

You’ve been working at an agency since graduation. You’re tired of feeling overworked, taken for granted, and underpaid. Starting your own business has been on your mind for a long time but you don’t know where to start.

Patrick Casale

You’d like to work less hours and spend more time with your family but you feel scared about leaving a steady paycheck behind. 

You have all of these questions about how to start the process but when you begin to think about putting the pieces in place you feel stuck, unable to move forward.

Making more money sounds fantastic but you are struggling to actually believe that you are worth investing in, and your impostor syndrome is showing up in a major way. 

When you think of marketing and networking your business you cringe, feeling like a car salesman.

What if you could work less hours, make more money, work with the clients you wanted to, and travel more often

Patrick is a knowledgeable and compassionate guide through all things private practice! He is gifted in cutting through red tape and demystifying the overwhelming and intimidating aspects of starting a private practice. He is also a genuinely wonderful human being! I would strongly recommend working with him.

-Maggie W, Therapist

If you’ve dreamed of going into private practice but have been intimidated by aspects of it, look no further! Patrick’s skill as a therapist is matched only by his knowledge and habits that built a successful practice. In less than two years Patrick built a full, successful, respected business rooted in relationships and solid functional tools. His passion as long as I’ve known him is to share what he’s learned so that every therapist who desires to take the leap has the tools and encouragement to go in the direction of their dreams.

-Jennifer G, Therapist

Patrick was incredibly helpful when I was first researching starting my private practice. He’s very knowledgeable about the in’s and out’s of running a therapy business and wants nothing more than to see other entrepreneurs be successful! You won’t regret working with him, in any capacity!

-Alli R, Therapist

Patrick is the kind of coach I want in my corner. He’s encouraging, empathetic, logical, and understands concerns, fears, and drawbacks. If you are thinking about jumping into private practice, I can’t recommend Patrick enough!

-Cindi M, Therapist

Patrick is incredibly patient and helpful with the process of starting a private practice, from insurance paperwork, business paperwork, to coaching through setting up a Simple Practice account. I would have felt totally overwhelmed without his help!

-Leah S, Therapist

I am so grateful for everything Patrick has done to support me and my growing practice! Not only was he able to help me become paneled with my first insurance company, his friendliness, and patience every step of the way helped me realize that creating a private practice doesn’t have to be a private struggle, and sometimes reaching out for support is the best thing we can do for our clients and for ourselves. You’ll be glad you reached out to Patrick!

-Kitty K, Therapist

Patrick is probably one of the most patient people I know, therapist or not. He was incredibly helpful in getting my private practice off the ground right before the pandemic hit. I don’t know if I would have had the gumption to get it up and going without his help and guidance: from helping with a Simple Practice account to talking me down from a panic attack while thinking of all I had to do, he is someone I would absolutely recommend in building your bright future!

-Kellie H, Therapist

I know that starting your own business feels really scary and overwhelming. I’ve been there. I worked at different community mental health agencies for years, always hoping that something would change or improve. No matter which agency I worked for, the issues remained the same. I didn’t know where to start or how to move forward. 

Private Practice Coaching means working together as a team to successfully and confidently navigate all of these questions and concerns. I’m not only a licensed mental health and addictions therapist but I am a business coach as well. I see both sides of the coin, the clinical and the business sides. This allows me to tailor my approach to meet your needs and successfully coach you through your fears and uncertainties. I understand the emotions that come up when thinking about betting on yourself and doing something that feels scary or uncertain. 

Coaching works if you let it. You have to be open to the experience, the growth, the discomfort, and the transformation. I have helped tons of therapists in my local community leave their agencies behind and create their ideal private practices. We will get down to the nitty gritty, leaving no stone unturned. I will help you feel comfortable and confident with every detail.

Whether you’re looking for individual coaching and practice building services or you’re interested in taking my 6 week 6 person course to have group support and accountability, I have options for you.  

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