Just a reminder to everyone who’s stuck in the scarcity mindset or comparison trap.

Your situation is unique and individual to you. It does not matter how many likes you get, how many comments, or what anyone else is doing.

We can get really caught up in these things when impostor syndrome and insecurities come up due to feeling like “we’re not good enough or doing enough.”

YOU ARE DOING ENOUGH!! Just by starting your journey, you are doing enough!!

Get your mind out of the comparison trap. Start with a reality check. My reality is it’s Wednesday and beautiful out in the southeast. What’s happening in the world around you?

For all of you around the country and the world, focus on your process and be kind to yourselves.

If you find yourself comparing what you’re doing or have done to other people, just take a break, do some self-compassion exercises, and some grounding work.

Get back to basics and focus on your process. Everyone’s situations are unique and individualized.

Now go kick some ass and do what’s BEST for YOU!!

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