You want to work fewer hours and be appreciated for the very hard work that you do. Ideally, you’d like to get paid more and work less. You’ve wanted to leave the agency world behind and work for yourself but it’s really scary to think about where to start. It would be great to have clarity and support while embarking on that journey. You’d love to be able to take more time off and take more vacations and hell, even work remotely from time to time. 


I know you’re sick of that agency job but you’re afraid to leave it because it’s consistent and safe. I know you’re sick of only focusing on your billable hours and not the actual clinical work. You keep thinking that it will get better, that management will finally understand that you need the appropriate resources to be able to do your job effectively to only be let down. You are thinking about private practice but immediately think… how the hell would I do that successfully? Impostor syndrome rears its ugly head and you shrink back. You ask yourself how would I successfully create something if I don’t know where to start?


You want freedom, flexibility, and financial security. You’d like to take time off when you want to without feeling guilty. You dream about working 4 day weeks and seeing an entire caseload with the clients that you love working with. It would feel fantastic to take more trips, work fewer hours, and make more money. Sometimes you dream about throwing the on-call phone in the garbage. Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to answer it again?


Take the leap private practice course
Use your own ideas
Take the leap private practice course - travel more
Travel more
Take the leap private practice course - your own schedule
 Prepare own Schedule
Take the leap private practice course - work from home
   Work from Home

Patrick was incredibly helpful when I was first researching starting my private practice. He’s very knowledgeable about the in’s and out’s of running a therapy business and wants nothing more than to see other entrepreneurs be successful! You won’t regret working with him, in any capacity!

Alli R

Patrick is incredibly patient and helpful with the process of starting a private practice, from insurance paperwork, business paperwork, to coaching through setting up a Simple Practice account. I would have felt totally overwhelmed without his help!

Leah S

I am so grateful for everything Patrick has done to support me and my growing practice! Not only was he able to help me become paneled with my first insurance company, his friendliness, and patience every step of the way helped me realize that creating a private practice doesn’t have to be a private struggle, and sometimes reaching out for support is the best thing we can do for our clients and for ourselves. You’ll be glad you reached out to Patrick!

Kitty K


Taking The Leap is a 6-week, 6-person course geared towards therapists who want to leave their agencies behind but don’t know where to start. This course is for those who want their lives to be different but are afraid to step out of their comfort zones. There will be 6 90-minute themed group sessions where we literally work through every detail of starting a private practice. You will get paired with a group member as an accountability buddy. Throughout the course, I’ll teach you how to navigate the things that feel scary and uncomfortable. I will coach you through the emotions that come up when thinking about starting this process. You will also get 2 30-minute individual coaching sessions during the course, a private Facebook group just for people who have taken or are taking the course, text support through Voxer, and follow up calls to ensure that you’re on the right track. We will go over the following, but not limited to:

take the leap into private practice course

  • What do I charge?
  • What do I do for paperwork/forms?
  • How do I network myself and my services?
  • How do I get referrals?
  • “I don’t know how to build a website”
  • “Marketing scares me” or “Marketing feels gross” What HIPAA compliant technology do I use?

  • What’s an EIN?
  • Sole Proprietor/LLC/S CORP?
  • Do I need an accountant?
  • Do I need a business bank account?
  • What’s Telehealth and how do I use it? 
  • Which platform should I use? What are the regulations?
  • How do I get clients during COVID?
take the leap into private practice course
take the leap into private practice course

  • What to look for in an office
  • Business name questions
  • Marketing material questions 
  • Do I need business cards? etc
  • Should I use an EMR (electronic medical record) system
  • Private Pay vs. Insurance

  • What to look for in an office
  • Business name questions
  • Marketing material questions 
  • Do I need business cards? etc
  • Should I use an EMR (electronic medical record) system
  • Private Pay vs. Insurance
take the leap into private practice course
take the leap into private practice course

  • How do I choose a niche? Do I need to? 
  • Taxes? WTF do I do with these?
  • How do I accept client payments?
  • But what about no shows/cancellations?
  • What do I do for liability insurance
  • Scarcity mentality

I'm Patrick Casale.

I’ve worked in the mental health and substance use field for over 12 years, mainly in community mental health. I worked in different agencies in varying roles from clinician to team lead to the program director. I know exactly what it feels like to feel burnt out. I understand wanting to spend more time with my family and friends and to take vacations without feeling guilty asking for paid time off. I know what it’s like to feel underpaid, taken for granted, and like a cog in the machine.

I left the agency world behind in 2018. I was doing private practice part-time in the evenings after I left my full-time job. I remember how defeated I felt when I was leaving work and how energized I felt stepping into my own office, seeing my own caseload, and working the way I wanted to. I should have been absolutely exhausted after leaving my 9-5 to see clients from 5-8 but instead, I felt free. I felt passionate about my work again. Once I started using my PTO to build my private practice I knew it was time to put my notice in. It was scary, and I doubted myself throughout the entire process. Even when I got new client calls I still had that ugly impostor syndrome rearing its ugly head telling me I was incompetent and incapable. Hell, on my last day of my agency job my manager told me “you’ll be back, no one makes it on their own.”

I have used those words as motivation ever since that time. Starting your own business is fucking hard! There are ups and downs and some days you really do question why you did i

take the leap into private practice course

Patrick is a knowledgeable and compassionate guide through all things private practice! He is gifted in cutting through red tape and demystifying the overwhelming and intimidating aspects of starting a private practice. He is also a genuinely wonderful human being! I would strongly recommend working with him.

Maggie W

If you’ve dreamed of going into private practice but have been intimidated by aspects of it, look no further! Patrick’s skill as a therapist is matched only by his knowledge and habits that built a successful practice. In less than two years Patrick built a full, successful, respected business rooted in relationships and solid functional tools. His passion as long as I’ve known him is to share what he’s learned so that every therapist who desires to take the leap has the tools and encouragement to go in the direction of their dreams.

Jennifer G

Patrick is probably one of the most patient people I know, therapist or not. He was incredibly helpful in getting my private practice off the ground right before the pandemic hit. I don’t know if I would have had the gumption to get it up and going without his help and guidance: from helping with a Simple Practice account to talking me down from a panic attack while thinking of all I had to do, he is someone I would absolutely recommend in building your bright future!

Kellie H

Billing scares the shit out of me!

This is a common thing that I hear when people join this course and my coaching services. Without billing experience how would you know how to do it? I’ll teach you how to collect payments in a HIPAA compliant way, send invoices and superbills, and bill insurance via Simple Practice. If it truly feels overwhelming, I will help coach you through the fear and anxiety and even help you hire a biller. I’m all about empowering you to keep as much of your own money as possible in your pocket but outsourcing is totally fine when we want to take something off our plates.

What will I do about my health insurance?

This is a very common question and understandably so. I have a partnership with Hummingbird Insurance, a service that helps people navigate finding affordable health insurance plans. Though I can’t guarantee that you’ll pay a certain amount a month, I can guarantee you that you will have options and the ability to choose your plans accordingly. I’d encourage you to calculate how much you’re currently spending on health insurance at your agency and then we can build that cost into what you need to earn in profit in your individual budget that we go over together.


Location: Zoom Webinar (you can do this course from anywhere) as long as you have wifi.

Will I see results? You will see results if you put the work and effort in. I have helped lots of therapists work through their anxieties, self-doubts, processes, confusion, fears, etc to create thriving therapy practices.  

Can I afford this? I tried to make this course affordable and valuable at the same time. I think that $997 is a steal, especially if you use the PayPal credit option. You are committing to have both group and individual coaching, guidance, support, accountability, clarity, and direction.

Why start practice during COVID? A valid question. I think this is the perfect time to start a private practice. I will teach you how to create a virtual therapy practice so that you can start seeing clients immediately. This may feel like a scary time to make a major life transition but people need therapists more than ever right now. Everyone I know is full and their phones are ringing off the hooks. There is no better time to seize the day and start your own business than now.

The price for my Take The Leap Course is only $997! Payment plans are available via PayPal Credit, 6 months interest-free!

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