How many of you have a Google My Business account? How many of you have no idea what I’m talking about?

Google My Business is a free app through your Gmail account. It essentially acts as a virtual storefront for your business.

This allows your google business page to pop up when someone searches “therapy in my area.”

Think about it like ordering a pizza. You google “pizza near me.” A bunch of places pops up showing reviews, phone numbers, hours of operation, links to a website, etc.

Your Google business page should reflect accurately and have up-to-date information including hours of operation, a working phone number, and a link to your website.

You should write some brief service descriptions as well and post some pictures. It would help your ranking to create one post a week and link them to your website.

The more that you can stay on top of this the more visibility you can create for yourself. Don’t forget that Google searches are still the most powerful ways to be found on the internet.

One tip that I’d recommend is that your hours of operation reflect when you’re actually open and able to answer phone calls and return them. If you list hours of 9-5 but you stop calling people back at 3, it can be offputting to your potential clients.

You can also create Google Ads through your Google business page and they are a fantastic way to get in front of lots of potential clientele. Be careful who you hire to do this as they can get very pricey but also bring in a significant return on investment.

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