“I can always go back to my agency job if my private practice fails.”

I said this early and often when I quit my job. I’d be networking with other private practice therapists and say that to everyone.

One day I was at a coffee meetup with a therapist in town and I said that. She responded with “Absolutely not. You do anything you can to ensure that you never go back to that lifestyle.”

That was such a turning point for me and my mindset. I realized then that I would do anything I could to prevent going back to CMH.

I thought to myself, I would rather go back to bartending than ever going back to a job that undervalued me, disrespected me, paid me poorly, and burnt me out.

You have to be willing to take risks to be a successful entrepreneur and small business owner.

It’s absolutely alright to be afraid, to feel overwhelmed, and to feel anxious when it comes to starting a private practice. What isn’t ok is to let the fear paralyze you from #takingtheleap.

As therapists, you are all creative and resourceful. If you leave your agency jobs, you will still be able to bring in revenue in some capacity.

I’ve recommended to friends and colleagues to drive for Uber Eats, etc. in order to build up some revenue to allow them to go into small business ownership. And the sad thing is that most of them told me that they made more $ hourly doing that than working in their agency jobs.

Bet on yourself. Step into the unknown. This is not a unique situation. Private practice ownership is easily replicable and easy to be successful in. The overhead is low. Life and personal satisfaction are high.

Like I always say, my worst day in private practice is 100000x better than my best day at my agency job.

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