How have you been managing your schedule when a client tells you they’d like to move to every other week?

Do you get nervous about switching to biweekly therapy sessions and feel like you’re no longer a “competent therapist?” Does impostor syndrome start to come up?

Or do you say something like “absolutely, let’s put you down for every other Thursday at 4?” 

If you chose the second statement, then you’re doing it right. In turn, you are then able to schedule another client into the alternating Thursday at 4 pm sessions. This ensures that your slots remain filled and you don’t lose income in the process.

I have met clinicians who say that they will not allow for every other week scheduling which I find ridiculous. If the client asks for it due to financial reasons, timing, or because they would like to come every other week, that’s their prerogative.

Get really intentional with your schedule. Instead of allowing for it to run your life, take back control over it.

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