So many of us feel like we have to do it all. We almost wear the “do it all” mentality as a badge of honor, yet internally, we feel frustrated, spread too thin, and mentally exhausted.

I highly recommend you outsource the work you do not want to do or do not know how to do. This goes for accounting, bookkeeping, website creation, insurance billing, etc.

I have done all of these things for myself for years, and I prided myself on it. “I don’t outsource and therefore I keep 100% of my money,” I would say.

This mentality creates and leads to burnout. I have now started to use the mentality that “I would rather see an extra client a week or raise my rates if that means I can hire someone to mow my lawn.”

The same goes for my business. I have now hired a virtual receptionist because I hate answering all of these phone calls, a biller because I do not want to deal with the insurance side anymore due to starting a group practice, etc.

This has opened up space, time, and creative energy. The more time I can save for myself, the better I feel.

Time is our most precious currency and without it, we feel depleted, drained, and burnt out. We cannot get it back either, making it invaluable.

Outsource work you hate doing and thank me later. : )

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