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See real results by learning everything you need to know and having the support to get you there!

Why Private Practice?


You decide your schedule, how many clients, and style of therapy. AND productivity is a thing of the past!


Make the type of money that will let you live comfortably, set up a great retirement, travel, and thrive!


Take more time off, be with your family, go on vacations, and focus on yourself!

private practice coaching

Time to bet on yourself! Feel confident while you create a business that will give you more freedom, flexibility, and income.

Check out these custom plans designed with you in mind

All coaching sessions, courses, webinars, special trainings, retreats, and support are specifically designed to give you all the tools you need to create your unique and successful private practice. 

Have questions or want to learn more?

Is This You?

Are you working for a community mental health agency?

Do you want to work for yourself but hesitate to take the leap?

Are you wondering how you can be your own boss and earn the money you are worth but keep thinking about…

private practice coaching
  • if you really are good enough to have your own business?
  • if you can make enough money to survive?
  • how you’ll handle billing and insurance?
  • what to do about childcare?
  • if you’ll be able to retire?
  • AND how you’re going to manage your own business when you have NO experience or formal business training?

Why Work With A Coach?

Get answers to your specific questions about creating your private practice, and learn from an expert everything you need to know to move forward with your plans the right way, with clarity, confidence, support, and knowledge.

Don’t waste time guessing on how to build your private practice. Get coaching so you can create it the right way and start earning money with your private practice!

You'll Get...

  • Clarity on the processes and procedures used to build a successful private practice
  • Encouragement and support to take the leap
  • Techniques for converting prospective client phone calls into actual sessions
  • Valuable marketing and networking skills
  • Information on logistics, action plans, document/forms, and HIPAA compliance
  • Confidence to set your rates and charge what you’re actually worth
  • Confidence to enforce your cancellation/no show policy

You’ll Also Learn About...

  • How to do TELEHEALTH (securely)
  • Private Pay vs. Insurance
  • Credentialing
  • Billing
  • Filling taxes
  • Which software is HIPAA compliant 
  • Creating a balanced schedule that works for you, not against
  • Building in vacation time (and using it!)

And More...

These personalized coaching plans are designed to get your private practice out of your head, in business, and running smoothly.

Taking The Leap-Premier Package

$1,097/month (3-month commitment)

  • 4 individual 50-minute coaching sessions to focus on you and your process. Gain clarity and direction! (valued at $1,000)
  • Private Facebook Group to encourage and foster creativity and motivation
  • Daily Voxer Support so that we can be in contact throughout the day (valued at $1,500)
  • Early and Exclusive Access to all webinars, trainings, and retreats
  • Free access to my 6-week Taking The Leap Course (valued at $997)
  • 3 free months in the membership program (valued at $175)

Bet On Yourself-Executive Package

$897/month (3-month commitment)

  • 3 individual 50-minute coaching sessions to focus on you and your process.  Gain clarity and direction! (valued at $750)
  • Private Facebook Group to encourage and foster creativity and motivation
  • Daily Voxer Support so that we can be in contact throughout the day (valued at $1,500)
  • Early and Exclusive Access to all webinars, trainings, and retreats
  • Discounted access to my 6-week Taking The Leap Course (valued at $997)
  • 3 free months in the membership program (valued at $175)

The Soloist Journey – Individual Option

$250 – Fully Customizable (choose your add-ons)

  • Individual 50-minute coaching session to focus on your process, your business, provide you with direction, accountability, and motivation ($250)
  • Brainstorm your copy (written content), create and choose your niche, work through impostor syndrome, get support with marketing and networking, AND MORE

Add Ons:

  • Package of 4 50-minute coaching sessions ($900, valued at $1000)
  • 90-minute Group Coaching ALA Carte ($150)
  • 6-week Taking The Leap Private Practice Building Course ($895, valued at $995)

Is Coaching Worth The Money?

In one simple word, YES!

The best investment you can make is one in yourself and your future, so why not invest in building a private practice that lets you have the freedom, flexibility, and income to live your best life? 

When you work with a coach, you instantly have access to all the experience, knowledge, and resources that your coach does. This investment is the best way to save your time so you can start building and operating your private practice now.

You’ll get help with developing business plans and strategies, as well as learn where and how to invest your money into your business to see the highest returns.

Before you work with a coach, myself included, I advise you to schedule a consultation. Make sure that it feels like a good fit for you and your vision. There are many coaches out there, and everyone has a unique message and approach. 

And something to note, the money you spend on coaching is a tax write-off for your business. If you need an accountant, I can recommend one who will make sure that your deductions are maximized and you receive the most on your business purchases.

Why Hire Me?

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, why the hell would I hire a Private Practice Building Coach? I’m also sure you’re asking yourself, “If I did hire a Private Practice Building Coach, why the hell should I hire you?”

Those are both valid questions and you should certainly ask them. If you’re like me, you are overly prepared and researching everything and anything that comes to mind in terms of launching your business. I’m sure that you are asking questions on social media pages dedicated to therapists starting private practices, thinking about your processes, and imagining your ideal client and business venture. 

private practice coaching, Patrick Casale

My Journey

I worked for several community mental health agencies from 2011-2018. In all of my roles, I found myself being promoted to some sort of team lead or supervisory position. Organizing and leading people has always been a strength of mine. I’ve realized that the things that come naturally to me don’t always come easy for everyone else. Implementing systems, organizing workflow, supporting, and empowering people have always come naturally. 

Leaving my safety and security behind felt horrifying. Impostor syndrome was running rampant within me. I questioned everything.

I’ve been in private practice since 2016 and filled my client base within a year of starting, and I continue to have referrals constantly come in. I can help you create this, and we can work together to make it happen. 

In addition to working in a variety of supervisory roles, I have coached and organized soccer teams for as long as I can remember. Getting the “best” out of people in terms of efforts and abilities is something that I pride myself on.  

It’s not always easy to coach adults because it means holding people accountable and being direct with them. I’m a very understanding and empathetic human being, but I am also very direct. Being from NY it probably comes with the territory, but I believe that being honest and transparent are some of the most valuable traits one can exhibit.  

Responsiveness. Plain and simple. I believe that effective communication is important. I know how much anxiety and pressure goes into starting or building your business and that having someone not only support you but respond in a timely fashion is critical.  

If you choose me as your Private Practice Building Coach, you’ll get someone who not only supports and encourages you but pushes you to do more. I believe that impostor syndrome is the killer of belief inability. I don’t want you to play it safe. Betting on yourself is a risk, but it’s a risk that is worth doing 1000 times over.  

I am not going to lie to you and tell you that this is going to be easy. Self-employment is not all coffee shops and 4-day weekends. Self-employment can feel like a roller coaster. Highs and lows. The lows hurt but they also teach and create growth. Not just professionally but personally as well. When the phone isn’t ringing, that’s typically when impostor syndrome sets in. However, the highs are unparalleled. Nothing compares. Taking the leap and creating a thriving private practice is one of the best feelings in the world. I can help guide you. Together we can create a lifestyle full of freedom, flexibility, and professional success.

What Clients Are Saying?

Patrick is very knowledgeable and resourceful regarding many aspects of opening a private practice and managing your private practice business. He is easy to talk to, supportive and explains overwhelming aspects of the process in a relatable way. He’s truly a great person to have in your corner!

Kristin Bure

Patrick is a knowledgeable and compassionate guide through all things private practice! He is gifted in cutting through red tape and demystifying the overwhelming and intimidating aspects of starting a private practice. He is also a genuinely wonderful human being! I would strongly recommend working with him.

Maggie Welder

Had a great time having Patrick on our podcast. I was beyond impressed as to how he has truly created a lifestyle business where he is able to take off 12 weeks a YEAR and continue to have a sustainable business. Amazing!!!!
He is living the true dream lifestyle and he teaches other therapists to do the same!
Katie Lemieux

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