Simple Practice

There are tons of HIPAA compliant electronic medical records out there for you to use. I am by no way affiliated with Simple Practice but have used them for the last two years. I honestly don’t know how I would run by business without them. From scheduling, note taking and documentation, billing insurance, tracking and taking payments, HIPAA compliant, telehealth, sending client’s notifications about upcoming appointments, this system literally does it all. No pun intended but it truly makes your practice run very simply. If you’d like a free 30 day trial to see if it’s a good fit for you, here’s my referral link. I also offer individual consulting about how to use Simple Practice effectively and how to navigate challenges with the software.


IVY Pay is a HIPAA compliant payment processing app specifically designed for therapists. You can use other options but please make sure that they’re HIPAA compliant (VENMO and PAYPAL are not). From what I’ve found, IVY Pay takes the least amount of % of fees which is important if you’re looking to keep more of your money. The way it works is you send your client a HIPAA encrypted text message via the app. They input their credit card information and it encrypts it, protecting it. Every time you charge the card you just open the app, click the client’s name and hit charge. The client will receive a text message letting them know that their card was charged. Easy. Here is my referral code which will get us both $1000 in free charges.


Again, HIPAA compliant practice is important! Hushmail is a HIPAA compliant email service. Everything is encrypted, you can send encrypted, password protected emails, etc. $9.99/month and I highly recommend it. You can sign up here.

Ernesto Segismundo is an incredible therapist in California who owns and operates multiple businesses which are geared towards helping therapists enhance their marketing. He is widely respected as an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, therapist, and videographer. He is offering affordable courses to help market your business effectively and shoots promotional videos for therapists businesses to enhance their marketing. Here’s his website.

Brighter Vision

Brighter Vision’s all-in-one website design service helps you grow your practice by:

– Creating a high-quality website designed to resonate with the clients you do your best work with
– Collaborating & working with one of their professional design teams who work with you at your pace and provide design consultations with you via email or phone
– Helping your website rank high in search engine results by applying all of the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques
– Providing pre-written client forms and content so you don’t spend hours writing this information on your own
– Making your website secure so that your clients feel safe and search engines trust your website
– Keeping your website up to date through free & unlimited technical support

All Brighter Vision websites include a domain name, 2 email addresses, and hosting for no additional cost.

If you’re interested in getting started with Brighter Vision, you can use my special coupon code CASALE to get 1 month free.

Katie Read

Katie Read is an incredible coach for small business owners and therapists.She also has some incredible resources on web design, copywriting, and content writing. Please follow this link to get started.

Spruce Health

This platform is so helpful! Spruce is a HIPAA compliant phone, text, fax, and telehealth platform. Their customer service is top notch and always responds to questions or concerns. It’s 24.99/month and safeguards your practice. You need to ensure that you are using HIPAA compliant technology for communication. This app allows you to encrypt conversations, use secure telehealth, fax, and phone calls. I can’t think of another application that does all of this under one roof. Use the referral code CASALE to get 1 free month of service. You can sign up here.

Hummingbird Insurance

I have a partnership with Hummingbird Insurance. They work with people to find both individual and family  health care plans. This is a critically important piece of leaving your agency behind and typically a major barrier. Geoff and company are licensed in most of the states in the continental US and are able to help you navigate the complex system that is American healthcare. Their website is listed below. Please make sure to let them know that you are working with me as your Therapist Private Practice Coach so that they know to build your plan accordingly. I am not an employee of Hummingbird and get no financial incentives for referring to them. I just know how important having healthcare is and that it’s a major barrier within the private practice world. Here’s their link.

Cindy Norton

Cindy Norton of Mountain Practice Journeys in Asheville, North Carolina is a fantastic resource. She has her own practice building and coaching business and specializes in branding, marketing, and website design. I highly recommend her for all of these services. Here’s her link.

Sullivan & Sullivan, PLLC

Having a good accountant who understands private practice is crucial. This person will save you money, make sure you’re not paying more than you should, and help you create a plan that protects you and your finances. I highly recommend Josh Sullivan of Sullivan & Sullivan PLLC. He can work anywhere in the United States. Here’s the link.


Making your practice run like a well oiled machine means having the right systems in place. Here are some of my favorite resources/services that I use to optimize my business and make my life easier.

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