I very often see therapists who are going into private practice ask “how long will it take me to get clients if I’m waiting on the health insurance contracts” or “how long will it take me to get credentialed with the health insurance companies so I can see clients?”

This is such a common misconception of private practice building and ownership.


You need to understand how to market your services.

You need to network with other therapists and psychiatric providers so that they know you exist.

You need to understand your niche/ideal client(s).

You need to have very good copy on your website and landing pages that speaks to your niche/ideal clients.

Do not let scarcity mentality and the lack of understanding of how to get clients fool you into thinking that the only way is to wait for your health insurance contracts to come in.

Will being IN with health insurance companies make you more accessible and get you more calls? Sure. Does it mean that you can’t get client calls until then? Fuck no!

I know that soooo many of you don’t understand business owners, and I was in that category as well because our graduate school programs don’t exactly prepare us and neither do our agency jobs.

I promise you that if you follow the steps I listed above that you will get clients. It will be a slower build to do so but is absolutely possible.

I’m creating a new, even more detailed and supportive Taking The Leap cohort, available this summer 2021, that will go over all of this so that you can stop living in fear and start understanding how to have a thriving practice where you dictate terms as opposed to believing that insurance contracts will do it for you.

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