What’s up with low conversion rates and consultation calls? I see a lot of therapists struggling to convert client calls to client appointments, and I’m not talking about when it’s just not a good fit.

If a potential client is calling you, then we need to assume that they are interested in working with you. They’ve done their research, and they’ve decided to pick up the phone and ask for support.

After you do your 15-minute consultation and determine it’s a good fit, what do you say then? Do you stumble on your words? Do you say, “If you want to think about it, let me know?”

When I worked selling cars in NY, my sales manager would constantly talk about asking for the sale. “People want to be sold,” he’d say, usually when chewing me out for asking, “Do you want to think about it?”  

I started asking for the sale, and guess what started happening. If you said that I started selling more cars, then you are correct!

What do selling cars and booking therapy clients have in common you may ask? They are both customers looking for a service.

In your future consultation calls with clients, you try saying something like this: “My next available new client appointment is Monday at 10 AM. Which email address would you like me to send your new client paperwork to?”

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